As Mayor of St. Martinville, I am honored and excited to invite you to St. Martinville as we celebrate our City's bicentennial year, which we have passionately themed “Renaissance de la Ville”.

As a lifelong resident of St. Martinville, it is my pleasure to share our history and culture with all of you as we celebrate 200  years of our city’s incorporation, making us the 3rd oldest governing city in Louisiana.

I believe that once you arrive you will be enchanted with the wonderful and unique deep heritage in which we pride ourselves. I hope that our Bicentennial activities during 2017 are enjoyed by all. We look forward to your visit.

St. Martinville's history, culture, natural and architectural beauty awaits you. As Mayor of St. Martinville,  "Bienvenue!"

Seated on Bayou Teche, St. Martinville became the third Louisiana city to be incorporated in 1817. Its history dates back  to the earliest European, African and Acadian presence in the home of the Attakapas Nation. Fueled by sugar cane and hot sauce, the city boasts of creole cuisine, year-round festivals, and a historic downtown business district. You’ll be charmed by the welcoming people of St. Martinville that create the cultural gumbo of the city!